1Pc Madeira Perfumada de Vácuo, a Escavação de Latas de Massagem de Corpo Copos de Medicina tradicional Chinesa, Acupuntura, Terapia de Cuidados de Saúde de Relaxamento
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1.Eco-friendly and natural wood material with well polished surface, non-toxic and safe with no side effects, while the delicate workmanship enables smooth circular arc cup edge and good sealing performance without hurting your skin, easy to clean and maintain, durable and flexible to resist excessive bruising for repeated long time use. 2.Adopt vacuum cupping therapy can effectively help increase circulation, give your metabolism a kick-start, boost lymphatic drainage and remove toxins from deep tissues to promote skin health and make your skin look smoother and firmer with a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite. 3.Easy to operate, time saving and practical to improve your general health and well-being at home as desire with ease, effortlessly helping aid relaxation, benefit tight muscles and joint pain.


Material: Wood Color: Wood Color(As Picture Shown) Item Type: Massage & Relaxation Application: Body Size: Approx. 14*5*5cm

Package Included

1* Wood Body Massager Vacuum Cupping Cup

Etiquetas: a medicina de artigos, madeira terapia copos, rosto de vidro a vácuo copa, macho de massagem a vácuo, elétrica de degustação, Chinese Traditional Medicine, therapi, madeira terapia de ferramentas para contorno corporal, a acupuntura ventosa, masculino sangria terapêutica.

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